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Must be in good standing with JFLOCI.

All financial responsibilities from prior season must be paid in full. { BEGIN 2020 }


Each area must sell fundraisers at a rate of $25. per player from the prior season to qualify. example, 2019 sales rate counts toward the 2020 playoff qualification.

The executive Board has the authority to suspend any area from the playoff competition due to multiple rules infractions.


The playoff committee will consist of at least 1 member of the Eboard to be the chairperson.


There will be 5 additional members selected from the pool of Area Directors in good standing at the July JFLOCI monthly meeting.


The playoff committee will meet the first week following the last validation date.


And separate each team into either Division A or Division


B. At this meeting they will confirm level brackets, select the host locations based on field availability forms and adequate facilities. as well as back up locations.



The playoff committee will meet on Monday evening following the last week of games and seed the teams. They will also confirm host locations.


Adjustments to Division A or B assignments for a team may be adjusted following the make up validation if needed.



If a level has more than 16 teams, the playing level will be separated into two playoff divisions. Division A consisting of the larger areas and Division B consisting of the smaller areas.


Divisions will be determined by listing all areas from highest to lowest number of tackle participants.


A maximum of 32 teams at each level will qualify for the playoffs with only 16 teams in each division.



Team records and playoff points will be recorded in the JFLOCI office and displayed in the garage area.


Teams will be seeded by playoff points.

Each win will be 10 points


Each tie will be 5 points


Indy teams will all receive a win and 10 points





Each win by a margin of less than 10 points will be an additional 10 points. Example, you win by 6 points you receive 20 playoff points in total.

Each win of 10 points or more but less than 20 will receive 5 playoff points.


Any win of 20 points will receive no additional points.


In the case of any game that is cancelled after started, a complete game will be declared after the completion of 2 quarters. Anything less is not a complete game.


In the case of a game that is cancelled for any reason each team will receive 10 points.


Seeds will be given by points


Tie will be decided by Playoff Committee.



Hosting areas will be in good standing with JFLOCI.

Hosting areas will have adequate restroom and concession facilities.

Hosting areas must submit field availability form for playoff rounds.

Round 1 of playoffs will be free entry. Hosting areas will keep 100% of concession profits.

Round 2 of playoffs will be free entry, Hosting areas will keep 100% of concession profits.

Areas hosting round 3 and the Super Bowl will need to have a secured method of charging a gate entry fee. Either a fence or similar barrier.





Round 3 of playoffs will be $2.00 gate entry that will be turned into the JFLOCI Office. Hosting area will keep 50% of concession profits and give 50% to the JFLOCI office.

Super Bowl or Round 4 of playoffs will be $5.00 gate entry for adults and. $1.00. JFL players wearing team jersey and under 5 yoa are free. Hosting area will keep 50% of concession profits and give 50% to the JFLOCI office.


Levels 8, 9u, 10u, 11u overtime rules.

During the regular season these levels do not have overtime.

In the case of a tie at the end of regulation.



Each team will receive 4 plays starting at the 50-yard line.

First possession decided by coin flip.

If the first team scores, game is over and they win. If not the location achieved closest to the goal is marked and the second team begins possession at the 50 yard line.

If the second team gets past the point achieved by the first team, they win.

In the case of a turnover, the spot of the turnover is marked as the spot achieved.

If this does not achieve a winner, the same process is repeated until a winner is decided.